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Supportive Supervision APK is a powerful Android application developed by NCCVMRC in the Utilities & Tools category. This app is designed to assist users in effectively managing and monitoring their IEC/BCC activities.

With Supportive Supervision, users can easily access the status of planned IEC/BCC activities mentioned in State/District communication plans. This feature allows program managers and implementers to stay informed about the progress of their activities and make necessary adjustments if needed.

The app also offers capacity building activities for IPC skills, ensuring that users have the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively implement their communication plans. This feature is particularly useful for individuals involved in the Mission Indradhanush & RI.

One of the key features of Supportive Supervision is its ability to provide real-time data on the dissemination achieved against planned activities. This allows users to track the effectiveness of their communication efforts and make data-driven decisions.

Furthermore, the app includes a stock position tool that enables users to keep track of their IEC material at various levels. This feature ensures that users have a clear understanding of their inventory and can manage it efficiently.

The user-friendly interface of Supportive Supervision makes it easy for users to navigate through the different features and access the information they need. Whether you are a program manager, implementer, or involved in monitoring IEC/BCC activities, this app is a valuable tool to support your work.

In conclusion, Supportive Supervision APK is a comprehensive and user-friendly Android application that provides essential features for planning, implementing, and monitoring IEC/BCC activities. Download the app now and enhance your communication efforts!

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